Forever 16………..

The only fair thing that ever happened to the universe is a birthday. The poor, rich, the depressed, the overexcited, the petty just everyone has that special day in their lives. It means a lot to some, why it means nothing to others. It is a beautiful thing though to celebrate milestones, be thankful for your steps and growth, just a time to look back and say life is a fucking bitch, but I have pulled through.
When I look back from years of plasticine, to skipping baby class, years of being bullied for my sexy husky voice because i spoke like a boy, years of loving sleep during school days and waking up at wee hours over holidays, years of writing epic compositions in school and bitching about it the entire school term, years of scoring low grades and feeling unachieved, to years of cold months in high school. Years of wearing leg warmers all year long, losing your voice due to the cold and still hacking it, beautiful years were still ahead, of making networks that would last a lifetime, relationships that would turn into lessons, years of realizing your mother was right in all her lectures in your teenage years, years of great days, love and life, years of making and losing some friends, it has truly been a worthwhile journey.

This month is “my celebrate the milestones month” and there is nothing i can do more than the excitement i got. Maybe i could share a few lessons picked along the way and also pass through all my money receiving channels because money makes the world go round 🙂

Wait, what makes me happy? Just a thought, well
 Avocado
 Cake and more cake! Add a little iced tea and we are bffs
 Sad books, a book that triggers emotions and maybe has a life lesson or doesn’t have
 Me time………..Nothing beats this! I just love me and mine and all yes!
 Silly videos and memes run my life….
 Shopping tickles every part of my body, it is orgasmic
 Flavored tea bags aaawweee but not green tea nah!
 Sleep-in moments
 Gifting people and seeing their reactions makes me so happy gives me a reason to smile.
 Travel is life!
 Street smokies with kachumbari, and specific mutura aawwee this is a birthday in itself
 Humanitarian documentaries, speechless
 My phone
 Free food………..who doesn’t like? Like all those promos you know!
 Customized stuff be it towels, cups, water bottles just anything…..
 Men who cry I remember it 45 years later.
 Simple acts of kindness Aaawwee
 Lovely love stories…….Aaaawwwee
All of them in summary is Me, Myself and I!
Sometimes i look at things i like and it is the weirdest list but you do not have to like what everyone does. Like i watched a full series alone after adulting but I am still alive you know!
Life though has taught me a few things just a few, not limited to this but here we go;
 Being thankful is free, always be!
 We live for simple acts of kindness, be kind again, it is free!
 Life is an unending foray into the unknown, everything changes, people circumstances and situations.
 Confidence is an art.
 It is okay not to have a girl gang, or a clique. You are normal.
 Heartbreaks break you and make you, but such is life.
 Love is a gift and not an investment.
 All that matters in life is what you made people feel, and what you made yourself feel.
 It is okay not to love what everyone thinks is cool.
 If it doesn’t make you feel like your favorite food, it’s not worth it.
It’s only fair to die with no f*cks left, just live once and live well

What are the lessons you’ve learnt maybe? Someone, anyone?


Of Life and happenings..

When you wake up, a million things go through your mind.The cliche phrase is wake up with and for a purpose and such like things, but sometimes we just wake up and realize “ooohh i made it to Friday!”You know!Such is life. Sometimes you wake up thinking of people who forgot you exist, others you’ll wake up wondering why you are not in the rich gang list.

There are days you wake up to the realization that the biggest you are known is around the walls of your company, lol!Yes, that’s actually a reality.
Sometimes you wake up wondering who will cry when you die?Well, that one shelf it, it doesn’t really matter.You won’t even know if they are fighting over the fifteen thousands that you left in your account before securing a spot for you in the mogue, so relax.If noone cries, that is fine.It’s their loss, you’ll be breathless, right?
Sometimes, when you look at how death is snatching people unexpectedly, you wake up and write such a meaningless article, wondering how would my friends eulogize me?You even think of setting up your prefuneral and see who’ll turn up and what they’d say you know.You know, noone will write the truth like, “she was greedy, a narcissist, selfish pauper or something.Noone will be honest in any eulogy and say, “we’ll actually forget you before we bury you, or remember you owe me five hundred shillings and the luminous dress you borrowed for your turn ups, you know?”
So they point is, when you wake up, just don’t waste your time thinking of people who will not even be honest in your eulogy.Live and let live!

See you soon..
PS:I am not dying any soon don’t panic!

When dawn knocks…

Sometimes it is dark in the morning,
Sometimes we feel worthless,
Rejection makes us think we are losers,
It makes us blame ourselves for things we didn’t do,
We cry over spilt milk,
We tie ourselves in handcuffs,
We do those unnecessary things for the wrong reasons,
And for the wrong people.

Life is meant to be beautiful,
That does not mean it will always be rosy,
But we have to learn to enjoy the good days as they come,
The bad says as they are.
We are just supposed to be strong enough to face the mountains,
Strong enough to be different,
Strong enough to stand up for ourselves,
Because when it rains it pours.

We should only learn to handle the bad days in the right ways……

A walk in the dark..

The skeletons can’t be hidden too much,
That’s why there is day and night,
That things done in darkness will be revealed,
Do not struggle,
They will unfold effortlessly,
Because such is life.

I really wish I could write a sensible article,
One that someone could relate to,
One that someone could refer to later,
But some wishes remain just that,
Because such is life.

This post is just an explanation of insomnia,
Because it really doesn’t mean nothing.
And who walks in the dark anyway?People just sleep.

PS:Sorry for a meaningless post *wink

The deal breaker!

Compatibility is like an island in the desert,
Compatibility is like rain in the driest of places,
Compatibility is a rare quality tough to match,
Compatibility is like an unsung song,
Incompatibility is an enemy of emotional stability.


Incompatibility is the answer to brokenness,
Incompatibility is the darkness in that soul,
Incompatibility is the cause of many separations,
Inompatibility is the answer to many unasked questions,
Incompatibility is an enemy of emotional stability.


Incompatiblility is the daily routine of broken people,
Broken because they loved someone whom they are incompatible,
Broken because they consider it wasted time,
Broken because they are incompatible,
Because incompatibility is an enemy of emotional progress.


As days go by,
You learn that finding a compatible partner,
Could be more tasking than rocket science,
And when found they reject you,
They settle for another incompatible mate,
And later live a life of regrets,
Because incompatibility is an enemy of emotional progress.


There are days that feel hearty,

While some days feel lonely,

They feel long and boring,

Others Segregated and very thoughtful,

Days when satan is very alert,

Such things happen on this days.


The book you are reading becomes long,

It becomes boring,

It becomes meaningless,

turning pages becomes a task,

Evil thoughts crowd your mind,

Such things happen on this days.


The old friends never to be recycled come to mind,

the thought of rekindling old flames comes,

Your once lost love memories come alive,

Your ilde mind takes you to your past,

Your days are longer than ever,

Such things happen on this days.


The days you lose yourself,

You do things you’d swear never to go back to.

You forget the good things that life ever offered to you,

You roar like a lion in regrets,

You pressed a backward journey,

Such things happen on this days.


Good things happen at your worst,

when you feel lost,

When you feel overwhelmed by repeating mistakes,

The wake up call moment happens,

The turn around moment when you realize you were born for bigger things,

Such things happen on this days.